What Causes Stretch Marks

What causes stretch marks? Although many people are able to identify stretch marks, few truly know what causes stretch marks or what they are. The causes of stretch marks are far from a mystery, stretch marks actually have a very simple explanation.

The human body has its limits, as everyone knows, there is only so much a person is physically capable of. This is true of the body as a whole and every organ that makes up the body, including the largest organ humans possess, their skin. A person’s skin is flexible and elastic to a degree, however once that degree has been reached the inevitable occurs, stretch marks are what happens when a person’s skin is stretched or expanded beyond its limits. This growth or expansion happens on an internal level, the deeper layers of skin tear and just as with any other wound scars form. The only difference is that these scars do not develop on the outermost layers of skin. The medical term for stretch marks is striae. So what are the reasons behind these tears, how do they develop and why? Go to http://top-stretchmarkcreams.com to learn more or read ahead.

Stretch marks usually appear during periods of growth or expansion, both men and women can develop stretch marks during puberty, and for women pregnancy is a major cause of many stretch marks. Stretch marks can also form from weight gain, basically any part of the body that undergoes significant growth can develop stretch marks.

While there are a number of different stretch mark treatments available at clinics or doctor’s offices, there are also options for reducing the look of stretch marks at home, such as topical stretch mark creams. If you are considering a topical stretch mark cream or you just want to find out about different stretch mark topics consider articles like http://top-stretchmarkcreams.com/how-to-get-rid-of-stretch-marks/.