Stretch Mark Guide

Do Stretch Mark Creams Really Work?

Stretch marks are also known as striae. These marks form on the body when there has been a change in the body’s growth. Stretch marks can diverge in size, color and length. Many stretch marks appear to be pink red, silver, or white. When marks develop they often appear in length, size, and areas of development.. Read On >

What Causes Stretch Marks

What causes stretch marks? Although many people are able to identify stretch marks, few truly know what causes stretch marks or what they are. The causes of stretch marks are far from a mystery, stretch marks actually have a very simple explanation.

The human body has its limits, as everyone knows.. Read On >

Inner Thigh Stretch Marks

Many women and men may get stretch marks. While stretch marks may not be found on everyone, the ones that do get stretch marks look for ways to reduce their appearance. Some of the most notice stretch marks on stretch marks on inner thigh area and abdomen. These stretch marks may be most noticeable .. Read On >

Buttock Stretch Marks

As men and women age, their body’s begin to mature as well. For instance, the formation of stretch marks can occur. Stretch marks develop when the body has gone through a growth and the skins elasticity has slackened... Read On >

Can You Really Remove Stretch Marks

Every year thousands of people find themselves asking these questions, can you really remove stretch marks? Or is there a way to prevent stretch marks? The answer to these questions can be complicated... Read On >