Acne Causing Scarring

What is acne? Acne which is also known as pimples, develops when the hair follicles on the skin becomes clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Bacteria are also collected as well, which creates the bumps on the skins surface. Pimples are often red or pink in appearance because the skin is inflamed.  Acne mainly affects teenagers that are going through puberty; however, some adults are still affected by acne as well. Acne scars can develop if individuals pick at the pimple, which often leaves a temporary scar on the skin, depending on your acne type. Some topical scar products such as creams, gels and serums can reduce the appearance of mild acne scars, but will not work on moderate to severe acne scars.

There are different types of acne. Acne can be mild, moderate or severe. Mild acne scars do not leave permanent scarring; however, severe acne scars require a scar treatment to reduce the look of scars. Severe acne is also referred to as acne pitted scars which are often permanent scars that may only be removed from an acne treatment. Topical products do not work on pitted acne scars, because they have affected the dermis under layers of the skins surface. Tired of those scars that constantly remind you of your former acne? Then consider using, what is often referred to as an acne scar removal cream. Learn more about this at

There is no such thing as a scar removal cream. Instead only acne treatments can remove scars. Treatments for scars include: Laser and Microdermabrasion. Both of these scar treatments improve acne scarred skin by removing upper layers of the dermis. However, Laser treatments can be invasive and may further damage skin if the heat pulses are over-exposed to an area of the skin. Acne scar treatments are only performed by skilled-professionals which would mean the treatment is done in a medical facility. Http:// has details on how to deal with acne scarring.

Acne scars can be embarrassing and make individuals self-esteem decrease. There are several options that can reduce the look of acne on the skin. When acne forms it can develop anywhere on the body, but it mainly affects the face and back. Often times it is hard to apply a topical to acne on the back, which means an individual may need assistance from another individual. Adults and teens should not pick at their acne; this is what creates acne scars. Also, popping a pimple can spread bacteria to other areas of the skin.