Scar Guide

Getting Rid of Ugly, Unwanted Scars

When scars form they can diverge in size, color and area of formation. Scars can be pink or red in appearance if they have recently developed. Scars that are more than six months of age are white or silver in appearance. Scars that develop because of surgery, pregnancy, burns and lacerations often form on the face.. Read On >

Can You Really Treat Scar Tissue

Sometimes you can get scars that are more difficult to minimize than others. Sometimes there are scars that take longer to heal and may need some extra help. Scars that may be difficult reduce may be accident scars, burn scars, Keloid scars and Hypertrophic scars just to name a few.. Read On >

Scars from Breast Lifts

Having a cosmetic procedure (aka plastic surgery) has become as routine as getting a manicure. One of the highly in-demand procedures is the Breast Lift. On a quest to be forever young, the number of women getting breast lifts and full cosmetic... Read On >

Acne Causes Scarring

What is acne? Acne which is also known as pimples, develops when the hair follicles on the skin becomes clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Bacteria are also collected as well, which creates the bumps on the skins surface.... Read On >

Managing Scars from Surgery

Scars from pregnancy can include stretch marks and C-section scars. The joy of pregnancy can be somewhat stifled due to the fact that many women are left with unwanted pregnancy scars before and after delivery..... Read On>